Selected Moroccan Wines

Since roman times people practiced winegrowing in Morocco.

First the Muslims came, spain people followed and last but not least french people prosecuted viniculture in Morocco.

After  independence (1956) there was instituted a law for vintage wines according to the french system.

All our wines have got a special grade (AOG), as they are mentioned for coming from distinguished locations (guaranteed certificate of origin).

Selected Moroccan Wines

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750ml Bordelaise bottle Sélection Gérard Depardieu LUMIÈRE 2005 Cuvée Prestige AOG Guérrouane.
Red Morocco

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This top wine from Morocco consists of 100 percent Syrah grapes.

The S. Siroua Red wine comes from the region south-east of Casablanca (Rommani), where the natural factors of the terroir (black soil with clay-calcareous subsoil) influence the character of the local grape varieties. 

You will like its purple color, its cassis aroma, its spiciness and its peppery aftertaste. It perfectly accompanies meat dishes with sauce, couscous and also grilled.

grape varieties:

60% Cabernet Sauvignon
30% Merlot
10% Syrah

This wine comes from the Domaine Ouled Thaleb winery on the Atlantic coast, 40 kilometers from Casablanca. Its grape varieties are very ripe. Its color is garnet and shiny. It goes well with meat dishes and cheese.

Grapes: Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Vermentino | 13,5 %, dry

Aromas of pastry, young fruits (apricots, almonds, citrus and exotic fruits; nice amplitude for a delicate wine with a fine acidity tension.
Goes well with fish and desserts.

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Drinking temperature: 10-12 °C, alcohol content: 13,5 %.

A wine made from the Chardonnay grape; the colour is pale yellow, bright and clear, the bouquet is reminiscent of ice-cream candies and delicate wood tones and the taste is dry, with well-balanced acidity and soft wood tones.

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31 - 35 of 35 results