Egyptian wines

Now we have been waiting for him for 30 years: Drinkable wine from Egypt.

After all, the Greek Gianaclis had already started more than 150 years ago with the cultivation of modern grape cultivation. Of course, excavations confirm that the pharaohs took already fermented grape juice to their last resting place under the pyramids ...

It was worth the wait! Maybe we will wait another generation or two for cheaper goods. But: Those who know the previous offers will find these first white wines highly recommended, with a grade of 2+ for Sahara Vineyards.

Egyptian wines

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The grapes for this white Grenache Noir come from the Egyptian desert and shine salmon-colored in the glass.

The Grenache Noir grapes grow near Khatatba near Luxor in the Upper Nile Valley.
Pleasant body and distinct character

In the nose mineral-spicy with aromas of mirabelle and pear, also nutty elements; on the palate piquant acidity meets herbs and a hint of pepper.

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