Domaine Riad Jamil 2018, Syrah | AOG Beni M'Tir | 2021 | rose wine | Marokko

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1 l = 20.67 €

Domaine Riad Jamil 2019/20/21, Syrah | AOG Beni M'Tir | 2018 | rose wine | Marokko
Harvest by hand, Zniber Vineyards

Growing area: Meknes, Morocco

Serving temperature: 10-12 °C

Alcohol content: 13 %.

Grape variety: Syrah

taste: dry

Closure: Cork closure 

The Zniber family, which has been cultivating its vineyards for over 50 years, is one of the pioneers of modern viticulture. The Chardonnay grapes, which make up 100% of this wine, grow at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, where they find very mineral soils and the best climatic conditions with cool, cold nights and sunny days. This wine was only briefly aged in French oak barrels and delights with its fragrant bouquet and strong fruity aroma. A good wine to accompany fish and seafood, white meat and creamy sauces.

Contains sulfites

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